Our Mission

Mission Statement

We are a Community Partnership encouraging change for sexually exploited Children, Youth, Females and Males of all ages.

  • Access to immediate 24 hour resources with confidential, non-judgemental supports.
  • Providing safe and positive solutions to enable healthy lifestyle changes.

IAmNot4Sale.ca was inspired by the always changing needs of children, youth, females and males of all ages exploited by the Sex Trade. EGADZ works closely with them in the Operation Help and Street Outreach programs. However, the partners in our Sexual Exploitation Committee acknowledged  a need for MORE, as well as different approaches to combat those who are using social media as well as Human Trafficking to exploit a vulnerable population. As technology changes, so must the options for those exploited and abused in the sex trade.

The Executive Director of EGADZ began meeting with funding agencies, expressing the need of an anonymous Website for victims of the sex trade/or at risk of, to be able to reach out in a non-threatening, non-committal environment. Coupled with the need, expressed were the benefits that came along with such a Website and App existing. Such benefits include allowing those exploited by the sex trade a way to communicate without fear or prosecution from their pimp or Jon, giving them the tools to access resources and gain education, ultimately supporting them with a WAY OUT.

A Youth Committee was  put together which consists of women of various ages and life experiences. This committee consists of young women that have been affected by the sex trade. With support and help they are assisting us to take the journey in making positive life changes. The goal of the committee was to provide a Website and App that enables the victims of the sex trade, runaway's, and those being sexually exploited a safe, anonymous, confidential place where they can receive the support, resources, and help that they require. Discussed often during the committee meetings was the need for these children, youth, women and men to know they are NOT ALONE and no matter their need there is HELP and always OPTIONS. Stressed was the importance to create a non-judgmental, respectful atmosphere where connections can be formed with community agencies as well as relationships built among those currently or previously exploited through the sex trade.

Upon reviewing the proposals and meeting with the Intervention Youth Committee, the Canadian Women's Foundation- Government of Saskatchewan-Status of Women's office-Ministry of Social Services, Office of the Provincial Interlocutor First Nations, Metis, and Northern Affairs- Government Relations became active funders and supporters of the IAmNot4Sale.ca campaign. As funders they have donated a substantial amount towards the success and completion of this project.


The Saskatoon Downtown Youth Centre Inc. - EGADZ has been operating a Youth Centre in downtown Saskatoon since April 2nd, 1990. EGADZ is a non-profit community based organization that provides programs and services to children, youth and their families in making healthy choices that improves their quality of life. We are visionary leaders, catalysts and advocates for ensuring that children and youth have a voice in determining the programs and services that best meet their needs.

Operation Help

Operation Help is a collaborative effort of existing agencies and individuals that offer services to the Saskatoon community since May 2001. It is an innovative, non-traditional, inter-agency approach addressing the devastating effects of the sex trade in Saskatoon. Operation Help is comprised of a number of community partners in an effort to effect positive change on the lifestyle circumstances of those involved in the sex trade.

Street Outreach

The Street Outreach program started in September of 1993, as a special project to connect and build trust with people involved in serious high risk street lifestyles. The overall focus of the Street Outreach program is to connect with people involved on the streets that are "hard to serve" or already leading "high risk" lifestyles.

For Further Information on Programs offered through EGADZ please visit www.egadz.ca or 1-306-931-6644.

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Being helpless is probably one of the worst feelings in the world. Knowing that EGADZ has developed a site to assist the exploited Children, Youth, Females & Males in the sex trade shows that there are people out there who care, want to help & see change happen.

-Sally M.